Lionhearts in the Park : Martial Championships and Demo

More details to come on this event.

Barony of Madrone, May 9, 2020

Don your armor, pick up your swords, and join us for a day of valiant combat and spectacle in the heart of the Canton of Porte de L’eau (downtown Bellevue, WA). Their Excellencies Madrone seek good gentles who shine as beacons of the best of the Barony to compete for champion in both armored and rapier combat. By display of prowess, chivalry, and joy in the martial arts, competitors will vie for selection by the noble Baron and Baroness to take on the mantle of Champion. As martial activities are but one piece of what makes Madrone great, guilds, artisans, and entertainers will also be on display for the pleasure of the populace and the community at large.