Largesse at Large for May Crown

Greetings Artisans of An Tir! As the winter gives way to spring, we will be welcoming an heir to the Sable Throne.
We would like to invite everyone to join us in a friendly Largess at Large competition that will help fill the largesse needs of our beloved King, Queen, Crown Prince, and Crown Princess.

We apologize that the timing of this announcement gives the talented artisans of An Tir limited opportunity to prepare. Rather than asking for a dozen items, we request that you bring your best effort to the table, and judges will look at quality as well as quantity.

The rules are simple: – All items must be ready to be gifted as largesse – Please keep in mind, these items will be given out, and are not intended for any one recipient, i.e. His Majesty or Her Highness.

The items should to be general in nature. – The winners of the contest will be determined by a populace vote and Their Majesties.

If you intend to enter, please let the competition coordinator, Mistress Ysabeau (Lisa Cochran Sawyer)  know in advance so she is able to plan table space. Last minute entries will also be accommodated on a space available basis.

Please drop off items at the A&S tent after processional, with voting continuing until the quarter finals start.

In Service,

Mistress Ysabeau of Prague,
OP Deputy Event Steward, May Crown