Champions of Madrone

Archery Champions

Current Aetheria de Fleury
2015 August Herman Konker
2013 Tristen de Vere
2011 Shadhra Aliya
2009 Evrard de Valogne
2008 Felicitae de l’Haye
2001 Shadhra Aliya

Arts & Sciences Champions

1997Gwendolyn of Castle Court (Arts)1997Aedan Hauksblod (Sciences)

Current Heloise de Franjou
2016 Svea Oakenwood
2015 Adriana the Fierce
2014 Aeron Corrino
2013 Morgan Donner
2008 Annisa Elisabeta Gabrielli
2007 Muirgheal Inghean Alasdair
2006 Adriana the Fierce
2004 Sayna de Lincolne
2003 Oddyn in Kyrri
2003 Constance Davies
2002 Shadhra Aliya

Bardic Champions


Current Rotrude Half-blind
2016 Luca Delamare
2015 Collette de Venoix
2014 Cesare Caravaggio
2008 Ursula Georges
2007 Ismenia Wystan
2006 Heilyn de Highwater
2004 Jean-Phillipe l’Ours

Equestrian Champions

Current Guillaume de Garrigues
2015 Raphael the Rogue

Heavy Champions

Current James of Mugdock
2015 Athenasius Belisarios
2014 Cedric Wlfraven
2013 Cedric Wlfraven

Rapier Champions

Current Sean O’Connor
2013 – 2015 Enzio Bandinelli

Something Missing?

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