Baronial Progress

Schedule of events the Baron and Baroness will attend in the coming calendar year.

January 26: Ursalmas
February 9: Feast of St. Bubba
March 23: Madrone Arts & Sciences and Bardic Competition
March 3: Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competition and Rapier Championships
April 6: Baroness’s War
May 11: Mayfaire
May 17-19: May Crown Tournament
June 9: June Faire
June 15: Lionhearts/Madrone Martial Championships and Public Demo
June 29: Athenaeum – Arts & Sciences showcase
July 3-7: An Tir-West War
July 13: Peasant’s Revel (attended by our cousins)
July 19-21: July Coronation
August 10: Wyewood Champions
August 30 – September 2: September Crown Tournament
September 27-29: Emprise of the Black Lion