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Curia Notes 9/25/18

Barony of Madrone Curia September 25, 2018      Baronial Welcome (B&B) – Hi. Thanks for coming. Something about lost skills. September Crown was beautiful. Alianora was offered a Pelican. Edward the Stuffy got a Lion’s Strength, and Edward the Fluffy. Baroness made a peer’s statement on inclusiveness Eden wrote a great statement on inclusiveness in … Continue reading Curia Notes 9/25/18

Curia Notes 10/23/18

Madrone Business Meeting 10/23/18 B&B We had an event – went well – made site work. Congratulations to champions Simon and Guillaume. We should consider borrowing the Tri baronial Yule concept rather than multiple regional Yule events next year? Seneschal Church is giving us the social/meeting space on 2nd Mon until 9pm going forward.  Yay! … Continue reading Curia Notes 10/23/18

2018-03-24 Baronial Curia

Baronial Welcome (Baron Enzio Bandinelli, Baroness Spike Zoetart) All the awards at Baronial A&S (12 months worth!) Progress includes Baroness War, May Crown Planning His Excellency’s MOD elevation at May Crown Seneschal Welcome and Report (Contingency Seneschal Gera Gangolffin) Eden on vacation New chatelaine: HL Helewisa de Frejous  (warranted during mtg)(Will connect her with Bergdis … Continue reading 2018-03-24 Baronial Curia