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Curia Notes November-December 2020

Dec 1, 2020 – Madrone Baronial Curia Opening welcome from Baron and Baroness Words from their Excellencies -Rutabagas-Welcome-Grateful for our lack of drama and patience during pandemic Words from the Seneschal: -Purchase of Baronial Zoom Account is delayed at Kingdom until January.-Stephen d’Jardin stepping down as Chamberlain. Warrant expires Feb 2021. Flexible to extend. If … Continue reading Curia Notes November-December 2020

Financial Committee Meeting October 29, 2020

In attendance: Baroness Spike, Baron Enzio, Exchequer HL Sarah Pixie, Deputy Exchequer Mistress Etiennette de Montagne, HL Margaret Palmer, Seneschale Eden of Lionsguard No changes to budget as there were no concerns from the populace. Change-over form needed for switching Etiennette and Sarah from main to deputy and visa versa for Nov 1st, 2020. Sarah … Continue reading Financial Committee Meeting October 29, 2020

Bored Housewife

Oh Traitorous One, I would appreciate your wise guidance. My husband the King is tiresome and unlovely. I’ve redecorated the palatium. I’ve learned to shoot, and to ride. Our children are grubby, noisy and annoying. I’ve dallied with many of my husband’s men; they were all dull, singleminded soldiers. I finally escaped with a neighboring … Continue reading Bored Housewife

Arrows flying

Sir Phillip the Traitorous, Like many of my fellow warriors, I enjoy a good battle. There’s nothing more satisfying on a glorious summer morning than the clash of opposing forces on the warfield. There’s just one fly in the ointment. Combat archers. I understand that they’re historically accurate and relevant. I realize that the longbowmen … Continue reading Arrows flying

Axed out

Dear Traitorously Phillip and Loyally Luaithrend, I find myself in a bit of a conundrum. I would like both of your advice in the matter. The King’s court has called a function rapidly approaching and I find myself wondering how best to accessorize for the festival. This event is known to be attended by several … Continue reading Axed out