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Curia Notes 2/24/19

Curia notes 2/26/19 Greetings from their excellencies. Again looking forward to A&S. Attending kingdom A&S and queen’s rapier. Progress has been published for this year. March social- equality and inclusion talk. Money: Balance: 6,575.58 MM: 20,200.44 End of year report filed. Slight inconsistences with asset list. May require revised report. A&S update Things going “pleasantly … Continue reading Curia Notes 2/24/19

Curia notes, 1/21/19

Greetings from their excellences. 12th night recap recognition for elevations, kingdom seneschal. Barony presented largesse with bountiful hand. Thank you to barony, ex. Juana La Christiana. Master Tamlin- proposed forming a metalworkers guild. Sir Raphael offers to host metalworking group 2019 fundraising Need to update fundraising systems to be in the black. Questions about income … Continue reading Curia notes, 1/21/19

A Statement from the Board of Directors, and the Crowns of An Tir.

The events of the past few days should serve as a reminder to us all that we must remain ever vigilant to protect our friends and our Society from prejudice and injustice. Regardless of the intent of the artisans and the wearers, the representation of the fylfot in SCA clothing has caused harm, and that harm … Continue reading A Statement from the Board of Directors, and the Crowns of An Tir.