2018-04-03 Financial Committee Meeting

Barony of Madrone

Financial Committee

April 3, 2018 Meeting

Eden, Willie, Maddy, Sarra, Etiennette, Mike Solum, Jonathan and Alexis Garrigues, John St. Marie, Sarah Maiser, me, Tristin Sale



  • Check requests
    • Jeri
    • Maddy
    • Anyone else?


  • 2017 Year End Report – circulated
  • Q1 2018 Quarterly Report – reviewed and signed
  • Signatures
    • Who to include after changeover of seneschal, exchequer, and Kingdom exchequer?
      • Add back Tayla; Add Sarah Pixie and Eden
      • TO DO – KCW will check with HomeStreet re faxing corporate letter [previous requirement of bank] could use Stephanie’s (Etiennette’s) if needed
    • PayPal
      • Review and discuss
      • Discussed –
        • Use at Madrone events
        • Draft of Madrone Financial Policy to include same
          • TO DO – have Web post it as a resource once approved and signed
          • TO DO – update and circulate to FC – sign at next Curia and send to Arontius for approval etc.
        • Keys
          • POB
          • Storage Unit
            • Use of combo lock approved – Steven will take care of
          • Book review scheduled for May 12 with Baroness Elewyn
          • Refund for Brigid/Vallbrandr from A&S and Bardic (dinner only – $20)
            • Discussed online and discussed today
              • Less than $75 – write them a check
            • Also – V had to leave due to allergy –
            • TO DO – add to FP – Refunds are to be discussed by FC, must be requested in writing, and may only be made by baronial check after the event. Limited availability tickets such as feast may be refunded if resold and a refund is requested.
          • Discuss A&S
            • Kitchen staff $5 fee discussion
            • TO DO – update Financial Policy to include $5 kitchen staff site fee option
              • Event steward to be informed/updated – include in event budget estimate
              • Reduced kitchen site fee for kitchen workers need to be evaluated for the event and discussed prior to event bid approval.  Any event bid needs to include any discounts.
  • Discussed – Gera’s reimbursement – will be discussed again at Curia for approval and reimbursement for insurance payment from A&S and Bardic. Gera is waiting for approval before Check Request completion.  Eden will add to next Curia agenda.