Charter Painting and Scribal Gatherings

Lady Rígnach of Argyll, Baronial Scribe

Welcome to Madrone’s Scribal Populace! We meet twice a month, on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month from 7-9pm at the Baronial Social site. We have classes on various topics, time to paint, and socialize. Every meeting is suitable for all levels of ability and knowledge. Classes we have held in the past include:

  • How to do Gold Leafing
  • How to draw Acanthus leaf patterns
  • Making a quill from a feather
  • How to do white work
  • How to do shading
  • How to choose good reference materials
  • How to match calligraphy to an image
  • How to mix pigments
  • Calligraphy for beginners (parts 1,2 and 3)
  • Choosing colors for painting a charter

If you have a topic you wish to hear more about, just let me know! We often have charters to paint from Kingdom and from the Barony. We have opportunities to make original scrolls for all levels of scribe!

There is a Facebook page for ‘An Tir Scribes’ where lots of information is stored and great conversations are happening every day!! Come find us!