Peasant’s Revel

This event is concluded. Watch for updates here when this event occurs in 2020.

On Saturday, July 13, come to the 40th Annual Peasant’s Revel! Celebrate 40 years for one of the Barony of Madrone’s most beloved events. Join in chasing the cheese at the only cheese-rolling to take place in North America (as far as we know.)

David Rodgers Park on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle is the site for our traditional day of being peasants. Join the ancient rivalry between Borton-on-Water and Sodbury, our two peasant villages, as they once again compete to show their worth. Rally with your fellow villagers to settle the border dispute and set the boundary stone to benefit your village.

There is no court and no meetings. This is a great event for newcomers. Garb to borrow will be available.

Join the traditional peasant games and pastimes. There will be games and activities for children. Tell stories of past Peasant’s Revels you have attended. Prizes are given for best Being Dressed Like a Peasant, Gurning, Turnip Carving, and more. Traditional activities include:

  • Spit in the Bucket
  • Cheese Rolling
  • Wet Rag on a Stick dance
  • Turnip Toss
  • Hopping Tag
  • Best Peasant story/poem/song
  • Sheep herding/wrangling/stealing
  • Flag painting
  • And more!

Wear your peasant garb for playing active games or to take part in the peasant pastimes, and leave the upper-class accessories at home.

Bring your blanket or chair to sit upon, your cup, bowl, and spoon, a midday snack and picnic beverage. Bring water.

There is no site fee. A simple peasant meal will be available for dinner around 5ish.

Setup begins at 11am, rain or shine; the games commence at noon. Event Steward: Edward the Stuffy
Event email:

Alcohol is prohibited as the site is a public park!

The best event of the year – don’t miss out — We hope to see many happy peasants there!

Site: David Rodgers Park, 2800 1st Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119 (Corner of 1st Ave. West and W. Raye St.)

We recommend you check traffic reports before heading to the event, as there is resurfacing work being done on Aurora Avenue on weekends.

Directions: From I-5: exit at Mercer St.
Proceed about ½ mile, turn right onto Westlake.
Lake Union should be on your right.
Follow Westlake Ave. around the lake until it turns into Nickerson, stay straight on Nickerson in one of two left lanes; do not turn right across the Fremont Bridge. At the next intersection turn left onto Florentia St.
Go about six blocks, turn left at 1st Ave W. and proceed uphill 4 blocks.
The park is on your right as your crest the hill at W. Raye St.