Peasants’ Revel

Please join us this July at David Rodgers Park on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle for our traditional day of laid back fun, silly games, and good peasant food! Date and time TBD.

No responsibilities, no meetings, no court, no setup, no packing — just mucking about in the grass on a beautiful day & having a great time!

This is a great event for newcomers – so bring your friends.  Smile

Come join the ancient rivalry between Borton on Water (Mud! Mud! Mud!) and Sodbury (Dirt! Dirt! Dirt!), our two peasant villages, as they once again compete to show their worth. Rally with your fellow villagers to settle the border dispute and set the boundary stone to benefit your village.

The day will be packed with fun outdoor peasant games:

  • Spit in the Bucket
  • Cheese Rolling
  • Wet Rag on a Stick
  • Turnip Toss
  • Hopping Tag
  • Best Peasant story/poem/song
  • SHEEP!
  • and many more!!

Wear your peasant garb suitable to playing active games (or take part in the many less strenuous ones) and leave the pretty upper-class accessories at home.

Bring your blanket to sit upon, your cup, bowl, and spoon, and a midday snack and water.

No site fee!

A simple peasant stew will be available for dinner around 5ish for a peasant-accessible fee of $4.

Setup begins at 11am, rain or shine; the games commence at 12pm. If you are new and need garb, we will have a few simple items available to lend.

Alcohol is prohibited as the site is a public park!

The best event of the year – don’t miss out — We hope to see many happy peasants there!