Equestrian Guild Meeting

The Madrone Equestrian Guild members number among some of the most skilled riders in the known world, as well as some of the most enthusiastic. The Guild promotes equestrian activities by holding monthly gaming practices, clinics, and organizing and enabling equestrian activities at SCA events.

Attending a MEG (Madrone Equestrian Guild) meeting is a great way to get to know some of the SCA equestrians in the greater Madrone area. Everyone with an interest in SCA equestrian activities is invited and welcome. You do not have to consider Madrone your “home” branch. Meetings are normally held on the fourth Thursday of every month at 7 p.m at Macky’s Dim Sum Restaurant in Issaquah.

The Madrone Equestrian Guild is famous throughout the Known World for their premier event taking place in September 2019: The Emprise of the Black Lion

Ynesen Ongge Xong Kerij-e, Guildhead
Equestrian Guild Website