Costumer’s Guild Meetings

Lady Juana al Rummiya, Interim Guildhead

The Madrone Costumer’s Guild has recently started again under the temporary guidance of Lady Juana al Rummiya. The group is meeting on the first Sunday of the month in different locations around the Barony. See the Baronial Events Calendar for exact places/times.

Message from the Guildhead:
As discussed at A&S/Bardic the costumers guild is reforming. I am hoping to make it a really welcoming fun activity for everyone and want to have as many classes and brilliant leaders there as possible.

If you are an experienced costumer, we need you! Please come and share your knowledge. If you have a workshop you want to teach, let me know.

If you have never sewn anything ever there will be a loaner sewing machine and basic supplies at every meeting. Come with some linen or wool and leave with a basic t-tunic and some pants.

If you are in the middle, sewing is always better with friends and extra hands make fittings more fun.