Arts, Sciences and Bardic Competition 2019

It’s time to look at your calendars and plan to be at Madrone’s Baronial A&S/Bardic Championship coming up on the 16th of February!  23rd of March!

The Culinary guild has come up with an exciting menu of medieval Chinese food to tempt our tummies after court

Here is the menu for our dinner —

14th century Chinese/Mongolian dinner for A&S 2019
Delicate Mushroom soup
Pork Wontons
Wine Steamed pork with scallions
Asian Yam
Snow covered Cabbage
Chinese pickles
Quince Concentrates
Poppy seed buns
Fresh fruits

To make reservations please email

Day fee for A&S is 10$ (members)
15$ (non members)
+$8 (if staying for dinner)