A friendly (series) of notes from your May Crown event staff.

Greetings An Tir!  Not a single full week remains until the spectacle and marvel of May Crown is upon us.  Your event staff has been working diligently to make sure this is the best possible weekend for our beloved populace.
To that end, we would like to provide a list of reminders, in no specific order of importance.

The Shire of Amberguard is often very windy, especially at night.  It would be wise to bring along additional stakes and weights for your tents and pavilions.

Land is going to be very tight this year, so all campers are encouraged to minimize their footprint as much as possible.  To those of you who already have land reservations, we entreat you to think about opening up your space to new friends, in order to free up some of the open camping area.

There will be no circular site copy, only A-frame postings.  They will be located at easily accessed and central locations (and biffies).  You are encouraged to download and print a copy if you wish to have one handy.

Crown fighters!  Remember that there are new heraldic requirements this year.  If you have not already done so, see the royal decree here.

The grand ball has a long list of items that attendees are encouraged and welcome to bring.  See the full list here. 

We would like to invite everyone to join us in a friendly Largess at Large competition that will help fill the largesse needs of our beloved King, Queen, Crown Prince, and Crown Princess.

As always, volunteers are very welcome.  Please, sign up here. 

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-Inspiration, recognition, service.
Nicklaß Volkhart, Chronicler of Madrone