adrone is the local chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism.  Madrone covers the area modernly known as Seattle and northern King County, in Washington state. The Eastside of this area is known as the Canton of Porte de l’Eau, a sub-branch of Madrone.

ewcomers are always welcome!
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adrone News

Come to the Baronial Social at KapKa School on Monday, July 8 to participate in Confidence Polling of our Baron and Baroness, Enzio and Spike.

At Lionhearts Martial Championships and Demo on June 15, two new Champions of Madrone were successful. The new Rapier Combat Champion is HL Mecia Raposa. The new Heavy Combat Champion is Sir Martin le Harpur. They received their regalia and join the Baronial Court. Congratulations to the new Champions!

Baronial Seneschal Eden and Social Media Deputy Gera Gangolffin, with the advice of Their Excellencies Enzio and Spike, have been updating the barony’s Policies and Traditions (Customary) document. Most of the changes are minor, or designed to bring us more into alignment with Kingdom Law/Corpora, but there are also a few, such as changing our Baronial changeover process from nomination to application, that are more notable, and members of the Barony will have the opportunity to hear the reasonings behind this and to discuss whether it’s the correct direction for the Barony.

Madronans are invited to review and comment upon the draft document, available on this page.

An updated document, reflecting input received from people of the Barony, will be discussed again at Curia on June 25. See the right column of this page for the location of Curia. Written comments can be submitted, as well. Contact information to send comments is on the page at the link provided above.

pcoming events

June 29 – Athenaeum
July 13 – Peasant’s Revel
September 26-29  – Emprise of the Black Lion
Next date to come – Madrone Baronial Banquet

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aronial Progress – Our Baron and Baroness travel to events throughout the kingdom of An Tir. See which events they plan to attend and plan to see them there!

Contact the Baron and Baroness with questions, feedback, and suggestions or to recommend an award.

Baron Enzio Bandinelli and Baroness Spike Zoetart

onthly Events

Every Monday night is historical combat practice, covering both heavy and rapier combat.  If interested, join us at Kapka School in Seattle at 7pm. Practice runs until 9.

Baronial Social is on the second Monday of the month, at the same place as historical combat practice, KapKa School in Seattle, at 7 pm. The Social takes place upstairs.

Baronial Curia (planning/business meeting) is on the 4th Tuesday of the month at The Crossroads Community Room, in Crossroads Mall, located in the hallway next to Old Navy, 15600 NE 8th St, Bellevue, WA 98008 at 7pm. (There is no business meeting in December.)
The notes of the meeting are available for public viewing.

For information about the events and goings-on for our Canton,  Porte de l’Eau, see their calendar listing here. For events elsewhere in the great kingdom of An Tir, more info can be found here. 

Concerned about recent issues within the SCA? Please read the following statement form the Board of Directors, as well as their royal majesties of An Tir.